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Ethiopia:Security Forces Open Fire on Festival Goers, Killing Five
[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -At least five people were killed" yesterday and several others wounded when security forces opened fire at festival goers in Weldiya, some 510 km north of the capital Addis Ababa, in Amhara regional state, according to Alemayehu Yemiru, a resident of the town; but Alemayehu said he believes the number of causalities could be "much higher."
01/21/2018 07:53 PM
Kenya:Kenya Flushes Out 'Criminals' in Forest Dispute After Sengwer Killing
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -Security forces are flushing "criminal elements" out of a forest in western Kenya, an official said on Thursday, two days after a man was killed there, leading the European Union to suspend aid.
01/21/2018 07:51 PM
Sudan:Protests Over Price Hikes Continue
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / Rabak -On Friday, demonstrations against the huge price hikes continued in the Sudanese capital for the fourth day in a row. Protests were also reported in Rabak, the capital of White Nile State.
01/21/2018 07:43 PM
Kenya:All Eyes On Kenya As Central Bank Spells Out 2018 Roadmap
[East African] The Central Bank of Kenya is this week expected to set the tone for Kenya's economic direction in 2018 with the first meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).
01/21/2018 07:26 PM
Kenya:UN Experts Ask Kenya to Halt Sengwer Evictions From Forest Land
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -United Nations experts have called on Kenyan authorities to halt forceful evictions of the Sengwer, a tribe living in the forest of western Kenya who say they are being forced off their ancestral land to make way for a water conservation project.
01/21/2018 09:35 AM
Ethiopia:Hotel Industry Needs Help to Encourage Tourism
[The Conversation Africa] The global tourism industry has huge economic importance. It contributes 10% of the world's gross domestic product and 6% of exports. One billion people a year travel somewhere in the world.
01/21/2018 08:48 AM
Tanzania:Punishment Won't Stop Teen Pregnancies Cause 'Bad Behaviour' Isn't the Cause
[The Conversation Africa] In Tanzania, if you're a schoolgirl and fall pregnant, it could mean the end of your education. Even though successive governments have made a push for girls education, those that fall pregnant are routinely expelled from school, and prevented from returning. Most recently this punitive approach was taken to the extreme when school girls were arrested and may now be forced to testify in court as to who got them pregnant.
01/21/2018 08:39 AM
Kenya:Paralympian Mushai Seen and Counted As One of Kenya's Greats
[Nation] Nothing had prepared para-athlete Samwel Mushai for what awaited him at the 2017 Sports Personality of the Year Award (Soya) Gala on Wednesday at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi.
01/21/2018 07:28 AM
Kenya:Kenya Airways Banks On Pricing, On-Board Experience for Success
[East African] Ticket pricing, on-board experience and choice of aircraft will be the main factors that Kenya Airways will be banking on to win passengers over as it starts its long haul flights to New York later this year.
01/21/2018 07:26 PM
Rwanda:Volkswagen in Rwanda - Car-Sharing and a Future in E-Mobility
[Deutsche Welle] German car maker Volkswagen (VW) will be the first international automobile company to invest in Rwanda. The first cars are expected to be ready by May. For the future VW also plans to build electric cars in Rwanda.
01/21/2018 07:25 PM
Kenya:Yattani Cabinet Nomination Tests Ruto's Grip in Marsabit
[Nation] Deputy President William Ruto's hold onto the Northern counties of Marsabit and Isiolo is at stake as most of his trusted lieutenants for the last one decade threaten to severe relationship with the ruling Jubilee Party over Cabinet appointments.
01/21/2018 07:29 AM
Somalia:Al Shabaab Denies Forcibly Recruiting Children to Fight
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Mogadishu/Nairobi -Somalia's Islamist militant group al Shabaab on Thursday denied that it was threatening and abducting civilians to hand over their children for indoctrination and military training.
01/20/2018 05:57 PM
Kenya:Doctor Goes to Court to Legalise Female Genital Mutilation
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -"I think that even for the decision of female circumcision, a woman can make that decision. And once she has made that decision, she should be able to access the best medical care to have it done."
01/20/2018 05:54 PM
Somalia:Govt Seeks U.S.$1.6 Billion to Feed Starving Citizens
[East African] Despite the swift international response that saved millions of Somalis from starvation last year, an estimated 6.2 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance.
01/20/2018 05:45 PM
East Africa:Rwanda in Push for EAC Contingency Fund
[East African] Rwanda is pushing for a contingency fund to be included in the annual remittances that member states of the East African Community make towards the bloc's consolidated fund.
01/20/2018 05:42 PM
Uganda:Standard Gauge Rail Boss Drives Local Content Campaign
[East African] Uganda has set a high bar on local content for the Chinese contractor picked to build its standard gauge railway as it seeks dividends for industries and workers from the $2.3 billion investment.
01/20/2018 05:42 PM
Rwanda:Volkswagen Banks On Ride Hailing Service to Sell Cars in Rwanda
[East African] A taxi ride in Kigali will soon be in a brand new vehicle, off the manufacturing line of German carmaker Volkswagen after the firm decided to build a value chain for its plant in Rwanda with its own hailing app.
01/20/2018 05:47 PM
Kenya:Outrage Over Mothers' Rape Claims At Kenya's Top Hospital
[East African] Kenya's top referral hospital has been put on the spot over rape claims of mothers made against its workers.
01/20/2018 08:24 AM
Sudan:'It's Our Duty to Cover Price Hike Protests' - Seized Paper's Editor
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / Omdurman -Eight journalists, including correspondents of Reuters and AFP, are held in detention by the Sudanese security service. The print-runs of two newspapers were seized yesterday in Sudan's crackdown on media coverage of the ongoing price hike protests.
01/19/2018 12:32 PM
East Africa:Prolonged Electoral Period and Drought to Dim East Africa's Growth
[East African] The confidence in the region's three largest economies -- Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda -- will be determined by how they dust off the effects of two years of elections that brought about uncertainties and inflationary pressures.
01/20/2018 08:24 PM
South Sudan:South Sudanese Regulator Accuses Media of Bias
[East African] South Sudanese media regulator has warned journalists against what it termed as an "assassination of the country and its government".
01/20/2018 08:49 AM
Kenya:Outrage Over Near-Rape Claims By Mums At Kenyatta Hospital
[Nairobi News] Public outrage greeted claims of near-rape by new mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) as they waited to be discharged.
01/19/2018 12:33 PM
Kenya:Expert to Testify Why Being Gay Shouldn't Be Illegal
[Nairobi News] A group seeking to quash provisions of the law that make it illegal for consensual same sex will call expert witnesses to support its case.
01/19/2018 09:33 AM
Kenya:African Arrow Poison Could Become Male Contraceptive
[Nation] A compound traditionally used by African hunters as poison on their arrows could be the key to male contraception.
01/19/2018 09:12 AM
Kenya:Kenya Has 'No Problem' With Trump Racist Remarks
[East African] Kenya says it has no problem with the obscene word used by US President Donald Trump to describe African countries and Haiti.
01/19/2018 05:28 AM
Tanzania:India to Grant U.S. $500 Million for Tanzania Water Projects
[Citizen] At Least $87 -41 million will be dished out to the Mtwara regional authorities for implementation of water projects in the region.
01/19/2018 01:42 PM
Tanzania:Majaliwa Urges Men in Mara to Stop Violence Against Women, Children
[Citizen] Tarime -Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has counseled men in Tarime District, Mara Region, to avoid committing violence against women and children and stop cultivating bhang.
01/19/2018 01:16 PM
Kenya:Police Law Exams Nullified After Mass Leak
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The dragon of exam cheating in the country seemed to pursue Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, who is also the acting Education Ministry CS after the Kenya Police law examinations leaked.
01/19/2018 12:58 PM
Kenya:The New Rules That Will Making Driving an Expensive Affair
[Nairobi News] Driving in Kenya will soon become an expensive and highly scrutinized affair, after the government spelt out stringent rules for both commercial and private drivers.
01/19/2018 12:36 PM
Kenya:Sonko Accepts Igathe's Resignation, Leaves Door Open for His Return
[Nairobi News] Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has accepted the resignation of his deputy Polycarp Igathe.
01/19/2018 12:34 PM