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Moderate Republicans pushing for immigration vote give leaders until June 7 to reach a deal

Moderate Republicans are giving their colleagues until June 7 to find a legislative fix for the legal status of people brought to the country illegally as children, or they will try to use a special process to force a vote over the GOP leaders’ objections, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) said Thursday.

05/24/2018 04:55 PM
Trump signs bipartisan bill rolling back some Dodd-Frank bank regulations

President Trump on Thursday signed bipartisan legislation rolling back some of the Dodd-Frank financial rules put in place after the 2008 financial crisis, touting another victory for his deregulatory agenda.

But the bill fell well short of his campaign call to dismantle the 2010 Dodd-Frank law,...

05/24/2018 04:45 PM
Justice Department holds meetings on Russia probe as Republicans push for classified records

The Department of Justice is hosting two unusual meetings for congressional leaders Thursday as Republicans demand classified records involving the use of a confidential FBI informant during the early days of the Russia and investigation.

Law enforcement and intelligence leaders have resisted turning...

05/24/2018 03:55 PM
Trump pulls out of planned nuclear summit, says he will be 'waiting' if North Korea changes its approach

In a dramatic diplomatic setback, President Trump on Thursday abruptly pulled out of his scheduled nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a letter to Kim blaming recent harsh statements from officials in Pyongyang.

About two hours later, speaking at the White House, Trump called...

05/24/2018 03:10 PM
Crackdown on immigrants takes a toll on federal judge: 'I have presided over a process that destroys families'

Day in, day out, immigrants shuffle into Judge Robert Brack’s courtroom, shackled at the wrist and ankle, to be sentenced for the crime of crossing the border.

The judge hands down sentences with a heavy heart. Since he joined the federal bench in 2003, Brack has sentenced some 15,000 defendants,...

05/24/2018 11:00 AM
Stacey Abrams made history. But is deeply conservative Georgia ready to elect a black woman governor?

Stacey Abrams made history Tuesday night, becoming the first black woman to win the gubernatorial nomination of a major political party.

Having easily defeated her Democratic competitor in the Georgia primary, the 44-year-old former state House minority leader will face the yet-to-be-determined...

05/23/2018 11:40 PM
Border Patrol agent fatally shoots female migrant, official says

A Border Patrol agent shot and killed a female migrant while patrolling the border town of Rio Bravo, Texas, late Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

The agent was responding to reports of activity in the town nearly 12 miles south of Laredo when he encountered a group of migrants who he said...

05/23/2018 11:10 PM
Strike by Vegas casino workers could be 'crippling' with summer and Stanley Cup Final ahead

A labor union representing thousands of culinary workers in Las Vegas has voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike next month if casinos don’t agree to a proposed five-year contract.

The vote among the 25,000-member Culinary Union was 99% in favor of allowing a strike the day after the current...

05/23/2018 10:50 PM
Jared Kushner is finally granted a White House security clearance after downgrade

Jared Kushner has received his full security clearance after more than a year of delay and controversy, removing a hurdle to his continued service as a key White House advisor to President Trump, his father-in-law.

Kushner lost his access to top-secret intelligence in February, an embarrassing...

05/23/2018 10:30 PM
Trump, with supporters, again assails 'animals' at Long Island forum on immigrant gang violence

President Trump on Wednesday reaffirmed his condemnation of immigrant gang members as “animals” as he pressed his call for tougher border security at a Long Island forum with public officials and victims' parents.

He also threatened to cut foreign aid to the immigrants' countries of origin unless...

05/23/2018 10:15 PM
Pentagon bars China from joining naval exercise in the Pacific

The Pentagon on Wednesday withdrew an invitation to China to participate in a major Pacific naval exercise, citing Beijing’s “continued militarization” of the South China Sea, adding another irritant to relations between the two nations as they jostle over trade and North Korea.

The Trump administration...

05/23/2018 10:00 PM
IRS takes aim at California and other states trying to help residents avoid new tax-deduction limit

The Internal Revenue Service is preparing to block attempts by California and other states to help their residents avoid a new limit on the deductibility of state and local taxes included in the Republican tax overhaul.

The IRS and the Treasury Department said Wednesday they would issue proposed...

05/23/2018 09:55 PM
Running for fifth term, Feinstein now says capital punishment is unfair and ineffective

Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she now opposes the death penalty, a surprising reversal from her long-standing support for capital punishment — a stance that helped catapult her to the U.S. Senate 25 years ago.

“Several years ago I changed my view of the death penalty. It became crystal clear to me...

05/23/2018 07:30 PM
How the Supreme Court is invoking a 1925 law to restrict workers' rights today

In 1925, at the behest of New York merchants, Congress passed the Federal Arbitration Act to uphold as “valid, irrevocable and enforceable” the contracts they had negotiated for shipping and delivering goods. They agreed to settle disputes through private arbitration, which was seen as quicker...

05/23/2018 07:15 PM
Why centrist Dianne Feinstein is moving so much to the left that she now opposes the death penalty

Dianne Feinstein built one of California’s most successful political brands by standing up to her party’s liberal wing.

In her first run for statewide office in 1990, she defiantly faced down raucous booing from California Democratic Party delegates angry over her support for the death penalty....

05/23/2018 06:30 PM
Florida airport shooter says he wasn't 'really thinking about it' when he killed 5

Esteban Santiago gave his first public statement Wednesday about why he killed five people and injured six others in the January 2017 mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale’s main airport.

“Umm, I don’t know,” Santiago said. “I wasn’t really thinking about it at the moment. A lot of things were going...

05/23/2018 06:20 PM
Democrats seek legislation to force more transparency from Trump administration

In an effort to prevent or expose conflicts of interest in the executive branch, House and Senate Democrats are pushing legislation that would force senior members of the Trump administration to reveal more about their business interests.

The legislation, which was introduced this week, would empower...

05/23/2018 06:00 PM
Senate leaders reach bipartisan deal for handling sexual harassment claims on Capitol Hill

After months of delay, senators said Wednesday they have reached a deal on legislation to reform how sexual harassment claims against lawmakers and staff are handled on Capitol Hill.

The legislation requires members of Congress to personally repay taxpayers for settling harassment claims filed...

05/23/2018 05:00 PM
Law firm of Stormy Daniels' attorney hit with $10-million judgment

A law firm of Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti was hit with a $10-million judgment Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court after he broke his promise to pay $2 million to a former colleague.

Judge Catherine Bauer of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana ordered Eagan Avenatti to pay the $10 million...

05/23/2018 04:35 AM
Los Angeles man confessed to making deadly Kansas hoax call, detective testifies

A Los Angeles man confessed to placing a hoax phone call that led to a fatal police-involved shooting in Kansas late last year, a detective testified Tuesday.

Tyler Barriss, 25, was charged in January with involuntary manslaughter for his role in an incident that stemmed from an online gaming dispute...

05/22/2018 10:40 PM
Trump casts doubt on U.S.-North Korea summit as he meets with South Korea's Moon to salvage it

President Trump threw plans for next month's historic summit with North Korea into greater uncertainty Tuesday even as he met at the White House with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in to try to keep the diplomatic breakthrough on track.

"It may not work out for June 12," he told reporters at...

05/22/2018 10:25 PM
Bill easing bank regulations heads to Trump, but falls short of overhaul GOP wanted

Bipartisan legislation focused on easing regulations for small and midsize banks passed the House on Tuesday and headed to President Trump for his expected signature.

Although the bill provides some significant relief for larger financial institutions, it falls short of the sweeping overhaul of...

05/22/2018 09:45 PM
As lava pours into the ocean from Hawaii's Kilauea, a new risk surfaces: laze

Since the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea began erupting this month, residents on the Big Island have endured a lot — toxic gas, earthquakes and plumes of ash. Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated, and lava flows have gobbled up dozens of homes in the lower Puna area of the island.

Then over the weekend,...

05/22/2018 10:00 AM
Mick Mulvaney must leave as CFPB chief soon, unless Trump nominates somebody — anybody — else for the job

Time is running out on Mick Mulvaney’s tenure as acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but there’s an easy way for the White House to extend his tenure: nominate somebody — anybody — else to permanently fill the job.

As it stands now, Mulvaney must step down from his job temporarily...

05/22/2018 10:00 AM
America doesn't accurately document hate crimes. Help The Times fill in the gaps

Each fall, the FBI releases data on hate crimes across the U.S. Its most recent report showed more than 6,100 hate crimes in 2016, a 5% increase over the previous year.

The numbers included a nearly 20% increase in anti-Muslim crimes, a 17% increase in anti-white crimes, a 15% increase in anti-Latino...

05/22/2018 10:00 AM