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Nebraska regulators approve Keystone XL pipeline after years of controversy

Following years of political controversy that demanded the attention of two presidents, the Nebraska Public Service Commission on Monday declared that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline was in the public interest but the 275-mile route it approved through the state was not the one preferred by TransCanada,...

11/20/2017 08:15 PM
Slain Border Patrol agent was ambushed in Texas, union says

The Border Patrol agent killed Sunday in west Texas was ambushed by migrants who beat him in the head with rocks, union officials said Monday.

Federal officials have yet to provide details about the incident, but the union representing Border Patrol agents described the attack on Agent Rogelio...

11/21/2017 12:20 AM
Trump puts North Korea back on list of 'state sponsors of terrorism'

President Trump put North Korea back on a U.S. list of “state sponsors of terrorism” Monday, a largely symbolic move that administration officials said will increase pressure on Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Trump said the designation will be followed Tuesday by a new round...

11/20/2017 10:50 PM
Trump urged to sell $50 million in lethal weapons to Ukraine

National security officials are urging President Trump to approve the sale of nearly $50 million worth of U.S. weapons to Ukraine, which has confronted what it sees as military aggression from Russia and pro-Russian separatists for years.

It was unclear whether Trump, who has been reluctant to...

11/20/2017 09:20 PM
Denver's Colfax Avenue is jammed with history, freaks, neon. Its champion is an Elvis impersonator, of course
Elvis impersonator Jonny Barber has spent the last 14 years chronicling the history of Denver's Colfax Street, collecting thousands of artifacts that he's now moving from his basement into the new Colfax Museum.
11/20/2017 11:00 AM
Customs and Border Protection agent dies after being injured in west Texas

One U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent was killed and another seriously injured Sunday while responding to suspicious activity in the west Texas Big Bend area, officials said.

Agent Rogelio Martinez, 36, and his partner, whose name was not released, were injured and taken to a hospital, officials...

11/20/2017 03:40 AM
Trump changes mind on 3 UCLA students arrested in China: 'Should have left them in jail!'

President Trump complained Sunday that the father of one of the three UCLA basketball players who were arrested in China for shoplifting had played down his role in winning their release, and that he therefore should not have interceded with China’s president.

“I should have left them in jail!”...

11/19/2017 10:05 PM
Strong economy boosts Trump among otherwise skeptical voters

In 2016, the U.S. economy served as a punching bag for then-candidate Donald Trump. Today, it has become a lifeline for an otherwise embattled presidency.

Trump has increasingly grabbed for that line, touting low unemployment, record high stock market values and healthy economic growth rates in...

11/19/2017 06:25 PM
Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico struggles to regain electricity and thousands flee the island

The lights remain off in bustling cities and in small rural villages. Gas generators, the only alternative to the downed power lines that seem to be everywhere, continuously hum outside hospitals and bodegas. When night falls, it’s the glow of car lights, not streetlights, that helps break through...

11/19/2017 11:00 AM
7 Chicago officers given desk duty as cases linked to corrupt ex-cop are reviewed

Seven Chicago police officers who were once part of a crew led by a corrupt sergeant have been removed from their street duties while their conduct years ago is investigated.

The decision to place the officers on desk duty came Thursday night, hours after Cook County prosecutors threw out the convictions...

11/19/2017 03:15 AM
Trump administration updates demands as NAFTA talks continue

President Trump’s top trade official has issued new objectives for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement — including some likely to irk Canada and Mexico, as well as the U.S. recording industry and other major business interests, as talks continue this weekend.

There are few surprises...

11/18/2017 09:15 PM
After backlash, Trump says he will postpone plan to allow elephant trophy imports

In a surprise move, the Trump administration will suspend its recent decision to allow hunters to bring elephant trophies back to the U.S. from parts of southern Africa, President Trump announced Friday night on Twitter.

The move comes as celebrities, politicians and even some Trump supporters...

11/18/2017 02:25 AM
Al Franken photo is 'really bad,' says Trump, but president remains silent about Roy Moore allegations

President Trump has steadfastly refused to answer questions about Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama accused of molesting a teenage girl and making advances on others decades ago. Yet mere hours after a radio broadcaster accused Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, a Democrat, of groping...

11/17/2017 11:40 PM
Congressional critics slam State Department as rudderless

When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made his first official trip to Myanmar on Wednesday, he did not describe the country’s brutal military crackdown on Rohingya Muslims as ethnic cleansing, as other diplomats have done.

Security forces have conducted or allowed what critics call systematic rape...

11/17/2017 11:00 PM
For Republicans in upscale Alabama suburbs, Roy Moore presents a conundrum

Roy Moore, the 70-year-old former chief justice of Alabama, was not Ellen Tipton’s ideal candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Yet the longtime Republican and Trump supporter had reconciled herself to voting for the firebrand conservative — until women began accusing him of sexual assault and unwanted...

11/17/2017 10:15 PM
Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 trip to Paris for lunch with Moscow-linked couple remains a puzzle

Shortly before last year’s presidential election, Donald Trump Jr. flew to France for lunch at the Hotel Ritz Paris with a Syrian peace activist, who says she meets regularly with Russian officials, and her French husband, who nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize last...

11/17/2017 09:10 PM
DACA negotiations slow as Trump demands more than Democrats will give

Bipartisan negotiations over protecting so-called Dreamers from deportation have stalled over demands from President Trump and Republican lawmakers that any new law also include tougher measures on legal and illegal immigration.

The legislative impasse persists more than two months after Trump...

11/17/2017 04:15 PM
House passes its tax reform plan as Senate version comes under new attack

House Republicans approved their sweeping tax-cut package Thursday, setting up a showdown with the Senate, where Republicans are struggling to win support for their own significantly different approach.

Senate GOP leaders, after making some revisions this week, are facing mounting dissent and criticism...

11/17/2017 03:20 AM
In rare mass exoneration, 15 drug cases tied to corrupt Chicago ex-cop are thrown out

In the wake of the mass exoneration Thursday of 15 men, attorneys vowed to continue to review potentially hundreds of convictions tied to a corrupt former Chicago police sergeant and his crew.

The lead attorney for the 15 men whose drug cases were thrown out said as many as 500 additional convictions...

11/17/2017 01:20 AM
Judge declares mistrial in New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez's corruption trial

In the first prosecution of a sitting U.S. senator in nearly a decade, a federal judge in Newark, N.J., declared a mistrial Thursday in the case against Robert Menendez, who was accused of trading political favors for trips and other gifts.

The declaration came after jurors sent a note to the judge...

11/17/2017 12:10 AM
Case against Libyan accused in 2012 Benghazi attacks goes to jury

The terrorism case against a Libyan militia leader accused of plotting the deadly Benghazi attacks concluded in a federal courtroom Thursday, with prosecutors depicting him as a “stone-cold terrorist” driven by a rage against Americans.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah was captured by a military team in 2014,...

11/16/2017 11:45 PM
Does trophy hunting 'enhance survival of the species'? Trump administration policy allowing elephant trophies stirs debate

Partially reversing an Obama-era ban, the Trump administration will now allow U.S. hunters to bring home the remains of elephants they’ve killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia in southern Africa.

The move, announced earlier this week, was greeted with cheers by hunters and firearms groups and but was derided...

11/16/2017 11:15 PM
Sen. Al Franken, accused of sexual harassment from 2006, apologizes and agrees to an ethics investigation

Sen. Al Franken apologized Thursday after a Los Angeles radio show anchor said that he had forcibly kissed her and later groped her on a 2006 USO tour, and amid a blizzard of criticism said that he would “gladly cooperate” with a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into his actions.

“I respect...

11/16/2017 10:55 PM
Defiant Roy Moore gets reprieve — both Trump and Alabama GOP say voters should decide

Roy Moore won a reprieve in his struggle to survive as a U.S. Senate candidate Thursday when the Alabama Republican Party affirmed it would continue backing him despite allegations that he sexually assaulted teenagers.

“Judge Moore has vehemently denied the allegations made against him,” state...

11/16/2017 10:25 PM
Obamacare 101: Will the GOP tax bill force big Medicare cuts?

As congressional Republicans move forward with their tax legislation, there are growing concerns that the costs, which are projected to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next decade, will force a host of big cuts in government programs, including Medicare.

The Medicare cuts alone are...

11/16/2017 07:45 PM