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New Jaguar Frog Discovered on Abandoned Highway
11/23/2017 05:00 PM
These Energy-Saving Bulbs Are Making One Pollutant Much Worse
11/22/2017 07:01 PM
See What Happens at a ‘Day Spa’ for Whales
11/22/2017 07:00 PM
Why a Giant Python Regurgitated a Lizard Half Its Size
11/22/2017 06:23 PM
This Hairless Mexican Dog Has a Storied, Ancient Past
11/22/2017 05:23 PM
Without These Flies, There'd Be No Chocolate
11/22/2017 05:00 AM
Bearded Dragons Are Dumber Because of Climate Change
11/22/2017 12:09 AM
Who Is Krampus? Explaining the Horrific Christmas Devil
Santa's got some competition: a terrifying Christmas beast named Krampus, which is catching on in pop culture worldwide.
11/21/2017 08:04 PM
Enormous Extinct Sea Cow Fossil Found on Russian Island
11/21/2017 07:09 PM
How to See the Brightest Supermoon of 2017
11/21/2017 05:54 PM
How War Dogs in Iraq Rekindled a Lost Military Tradition
11/21/2017 04:56 PM
Titanic Was Found During Secret Cold War Navy Mission
11/21/2017 04:41 PM
Australians Hunt Kangaroos Commercially. Does It Make Sense?
From pro soccer cleats to burgers and sausages, kangaroo products stir controversy.
11/21/2017 02:00 PM
A Few Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Thanksgiving
The pilgrims stole from graves, the Wampanoag were devastated by disease, and the peace between them was political.
11/21/2017 12:00 PM
How Krampus, the Christmas ‘Devil,’ Became Cool
We spoke to the man who says he helped make the demon-like beast popular in the U.S.
11/21/2017 12:00 PM
Rock From Another Star System Is Unlike Anything Seen Before
11/20/2017 11:12 PM
These Super-Hairy Flies Can 'Breathe' Underwater
11/20/2017 08:03 PM
From Space, 2017's Devastating Hurricanes Look Hypnotic
11/20/2017 05:53 PM
Surprise: Blue Whales Are Mostly 'Left-Handed'
11/20/2017 05:23 PM
Why Ancient Mapmakers Were Terrified of Blank Spaces
11/20/2017 05:06 PM
Keystone XL Pipeline Is Moving Forward—5 Things You Should Know
11/20/2017 04:45 PM
Thieves Are Smashing Dinosaur Fossils. Science Is Fighting Back.
11/20/2017 03:59 PM
Massive Infrastructure Projects Are Failing at Unprecedented Rates
11/20/2017 05:01 AM
Cat Saved From Cliffside by Fearless Animal Rescuers
11/19/2017 09:52 PM
Sea Levels Are Already Rising. What's Next?
11/18/2017 05:01 AM
Meet the Turkey's Glamorous Mexican Cousin
11/18/2017 05:00 AM
What the Ban on Elephant Trophies Means
Days after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a decision to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe and Zambia, President Donald Trump has announced he plans to reverse course.
11/18/2017 04:28 AM
Forgeries May Hide in Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scrolls
11/17/2017 11:30 PM
Are These the Oldest Images of Dogs?
11/17/2017 09:29 PM
Drinking Alone Leads to Divorce—In Rodents
11/17/2017 04:33 PM
Keystone Pipeline Spills 200,000 Gallons of Oil
11/16/2017 11:53 PM
Iconic Arecibo Observatory Saved From Demolition
11/16/2017 10:36 PM
The Tragic Reason Why a Leopard Mauled Four People
11/16/2017 10:09 PM
Mysterious Particles Are Slamming Into Earth—But Why?
11/16/2017 07:01 PM
Ancient Ruins Discovered Under Lake in Turkey
11/15/2017 11:20 PM
Watch: Wasp Vs. Tarantula, Explained By a Nine-Year-Old
11/15/2017 07:39 PM
Florida Opened a Fake Alligator Farm to Catch Poachers
A multiyear undercover investigation snagged nine men who now stand accused of felonies ranging from poaching to racketeering.
11/15/2017 04:21 PM
Antarctica Was Once Covered in Forests. We Just Found One That Fossilized.
11/15/2017 04:03 PM
The World Needs Copper. Does It Need This Controversial Mine?
11/15/2017 12:00 PM
New Earth-Size Planet Found Around Nearby Star
11/15/2017 11:01 AM
Half of U.S. Spending Power Behind Paris Climate Agreement
11/15/2017 05:01 AM
How Food Motivated a Prison Escape and a Recovery From PTSD
11/15/2017 05:01 AM
Expedition Braves Arctic Perils for Climate Science
11/15/2017 01:08 AM
Famous White Moose Marked for Death, Then Spared
11/14/2017 11:10 PM
See a Rescue Effort to Save 10 Stranded Whales
11/14/2017 09:16 PM
How to See the 2017 Leonid Meteor Shower
11/14/2017 09:13 PM
Armed Robbers Are Now Targeting These Valuable Shellfish
As poaching reduces wild abalone stocks in South Africa, criminal syndicates have begun robbing factories and farms, even taking security guards hostage.
11/14/2017 12:37 PM
Climate Change and Water Woes Drove ISIS Recruiting in Iraq
11/14/2017 05:01 AM
Rarely Seen 'Prehistoric' Shark With 300 Teeth Caught
11/13/2017 11:03 PM
Many Sharks Live a Century—Longer Than Thought
11/13/2017 09:54 PM
Fire Scorches Ancient Peruvian Temple
11/13/2017 09:41 PM
Oldest Evidence of Winemaking Discovered at 8,000-Year-Old Village
11/13/2017 08:06 PM
Pictures Reveal Iran and Iraq Earthquake, the Deadliest of 2017
11/13/2017 05:30 PM
Inside Cuba's National Ballet School
11/13/2017 04:41 PM
Why Has This Rhino Poaching Trial Been Delayed 17 Times?
As poaching in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province rises, conservationists say more should be done.
11/13/2017 03:33 PM
Carbon Emissions Had Leveled Off. Now They're Rising Again
11/13/2017 08:30 AM
Enterprise Donates $30 Million to TNC River Conservation Efforts
11/13/2017 06:03 AM
The 'Most Famous Wolf in the World' Lived Hard—and Died Tragically
11/11/2017 05:02 AM
Tiny Bugs Are Having Sex on Your Face Right Now
11/11/2017 05:00 AM
See What's Controlling These Zombie Ants
11/10/2017 11:17 PM
Another Heart-Warming Way Apes Beat Us at Being Human
11/10/2017 09:48 PM
Frozen Remains of Extinct Lion Found in Russia
11/09/2017 07:13 PM
How This Dog Mom Protects a Leopard Cub From Cannibalism
11/09/2017 07:09 PM
Harnessing the Power of Coffee to Energize the Planet
11/09/2017 05:09 PM
Dino-Killing Asteroid Hit Just the Right Spot to Trigger Extinction
11/09/2017 02:01 PM
Ancient Wolf-Size Otter Had Bizarrely Strong Bite
11/09/2017 10:01 AM
Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces
11/08/2017 10:46 PM
Ancient Sundial Find Celebrated Roman Election Win
11/08/2017 08:23 PM
Sun Storm to Cause Stunning Auroras—Here’s How to Watch
11/08/2017 01:00 PM
Hotel in One of Earth's Driest Places Is Powered by the Sun
11/08/2017 05:01 AM
Rwandan Orphans Find Hope in Innovative Youth Village
11/08/2017 05:01 AM
Fossils of Some of Our Oldest Mammal Ancestors Found
11/07/2017 10:15 PM
Ancient Greek 'Masterpiece' Revealed on Thumb-Size Gem
11/07/2017 08:20 PM
Puerto Rico’s Farms Were Wiped Out. Here’s How They’re Bouncing Back
11/07/2017 08:08 PM
Syria to Join Paris Climate Pact, Leaving U.S. Isolated
11/07/2017 06:05 PM
Fight Climate Change by Suing Polluters, Says Scientist
11/07/2017 02:01 PM
Predator-Proof Nests May Help Save Endangered Parrots
11/06/2017 03:46 PM
Game of Thrones Star Sounds the Alarm on Climate Change
11/06/2017 02:01 PM
Climate Science Report Contradicts Trump Administration Positions
11/04/2017 06:21 PM
What Made Leonardo da Vinci a Genius?
11/04/2017 04:02 AM
Why Your Dog Eats Poop, and Other Odd Pet Behavior Explained
11/04/2017 04:01 AM
Hundreds of Sea Turtles Found Dead
11/03/2017 09:36 PM
7 New Giant Bug Species Are Extremely Aggressive
11/03/2017 06:01 PM
Thieves Are Breaking Into Zoos and Stealing Rare Animals
Officials at the European zoos that have been targeted think organized crime is to blame.
11/03/2017 01:07 PM
Endangered Siberian Tiger Returns From Exile
11/02/2017 09:39 PM
Iceland's Largest Volcano May Be Ready To Erupt
11/02/2017 08:51 PM
New Species of Orangutan Is Rarest Great Ape on Earth
11/02/2017 04:01 PM
Can an Early Warning Prevent Earthquakes Becoming Disasters?
11/02/2017 12:46 PM
Mysterious Void Discovered in Egypt's Great Pyramid
11/02/2017 12:01 PM
T. Rex’s Tiny Arms May Have Been Vicious Weapons
11/02/2017 11:01 AM
Paul McCartney Wants You to Do One Thing for the Planet
11/02/2017 12:01 AM
See a Blanket of 'Jellyfish' That Washed Ashore
11/01/2017 10:02 PM
This Underground Fire Has Been Burning for 59 Years
11/01/2017 08:04 PM
Bizarrely Huge Planet Discovered Orbiting Tiny Star
11/01/2017 06:51 PM
Ruins of Spanish Town Emerge After Decades Underwater
11/01/2017 05:31 PM
Trio of Meteor Showers and More Can’t-Miss Sky Events in November
11/01/2017 04:14 PM
Watch This Giant Land Crab Attack an Unsuspecting Bird
11/01/2017 04:01 AM
Veteran Explorer of Disappearing Forests Charts New Course
11/01/2017 04:00 AM
Current Climate Pledges Aren't Enough to Stop Severe Warming
10/31/2017 07:36 PM
Where There Is Gravity, Let There Be Light
10/31/2017 06:30 PM