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Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab—Get the Facts
The breakthrough moves researchers a small step closer to growing human organs for medical transplant.
02/18/2018 09:15 PM
Lost Artwork Found Under Famous Picasso Painting
The discovery offers new insight into the creative process of the innovative artist.
02/17/2018 03:00 PM
Why Do Seabirds Eat Plastic? It Smells Like Fish to Them
A sweeping look at 10 species of seabirds gives insight into why their numbers have plummeted over the past 60 years.
02/17/2018 05:01 AM
How Color-Changing Animals Are Rebelling Against Climate Change
A new study finds "hot spots" where animals that turn white for the winter could thrive in a less snowy world.
02/17/2018 05:00 AM
Why Does Florida Keep Getting Sinkholes?
Several sinkholes opened up in a retirement community overnight, and authorities are working to fix the situation.
02/16/2018 11:56 PM
Black Panther's Secret Weapon Explained
Vibranium, the metal in the movie, doesn't exist in real life, but this substance might be the closest we can get.
02/16/2018 10:59 PM
First POV Video From a Minke Whale’s Back
Scientists finally got a camera on one of the small, elusive whales and can now see what their lives are like.
02/16/2018 10:54 PM
Alzheimer's Plaques Erased in Mice—What's Next?
The remarkable results suggest a route for future medications, but a great deal of work remains.
02/16/2018 09:15 PM
Deep Bore Into Antarctica Finds Freezing Ice, Not Melting as Expected
Scientists will leave sensors in the hole to better understand the long-term changes in the ice, which may have big implications for global sea level.
02/16/2018 09:05 PM
How Would We React to Finding Aliens?
Perhaps not the way you’d expect …
02/16/2018 08:41 PM
Rodents of Unusual Size Invading U.S. Wetlands
The invasive species can grow as large as 20 pounds and has large buckteeth. 
02/16/2018 08:26 PM
What Was This 2,000-Year-Old Parrot Mummy Doing in Mexico?
As the oldest known macaw mummy in the world, the find could give insights on trade between present-day Southwest U.S. and Mexico.
02/16/2018 07:50 PM
A Black Panther May Not Be What You Think
As the superhero of the same name sets box-office records, learn more about the misunderstood big cats.
02/16/2018 07:00 PM
‘Moonwalking’ Birds and Other Crazy Courtship Rituals
Whether it’s with smooth dance moves or beautiful plumage, males go the extra mile to look good for females.
02/16/2018 05:04 PM
Antique Maps Highlight Korea’s Rich Cultural Heritage
While the Olympic spotlight is on Korea, see the intriguing ways that mapmakers have depicted the peninsula over centuries.
02/16/2018 04:08 PM
Dog Meat's Controversial History, From the Ancients to the Winter Olympics
It isn’t just modern-day Asia that struggles with the complex issue of dog meat. The practice has popped up around the world for centuries.
02/15/2018 11:01 PM
Dramatic Whale Hunts Depicted in Ancient Rock Art
The paintings match historical artifacts that suggest hunters set out on small boats with makeshift harpoons.
02/15/2018 10:43 PM
Elon Musk’s Tesla in Space Could Crash Into Earth
Each long loop around the sun brings the sports car a bit closer to a fiery meeting with our home world, researchers calculate.
02/15/2018 10:26 PM
This is What a Literal Bear Hug Looks Like
Jimbo the Kodiak bear lives alongside Jim and Susan Kowalczik at a wildlife rehabilitation center in New York state.
02/15/2018 08:27 PM
Nearly 150,000 Bornean Orangutans Lost Since 1999, Cutting Population By Half
More than 40,000 more could be lost in the next 35 years.
02/15/2018 06:01 PM
Partial Solar Eclipse Thursday: How to See It
Lucky Southern Hemisphere sky-watchers will get to see the moon take a bite out of the sun in the late afternoon on February 15.
02/15/2018 02:48 PM
Fossil Footprints Are Oldest Traces of Lizards Running on Two Legs
The lizard's sprint may have helped it avoid predators, such as winged reptiles called pterosaurs.
02/15/2018 02:00 PM
Elusive Blue Whale Behavior Revealed by Their Songs
By analyzing thousands of calls from more than 100 whales over 14 years, scientists are learning how these secretive beasts spend their time.
02/15/2018 05:03 AM
Snapping Shrimp 'Dinner Bell' May Tell Gray Whales When to Eat
The racket created by snapping shrimp could be one of the factors drawing eastern Pacific gray whales to the waters off the Oregon coast.
02/14/2018 08:17 PM
Why These Animals Were Accused of Being International Spies
From lizards to dolphins, these animals have been accused of espionage.
02/14/2018 07:53 PM
How a Student Took a Photo of a Single Atom
The award-winning long-exposure photograph captures a positively charged atom suspended in an ion trap.
02/14/2018 04:28 PM
Panda Porn and Other Desperate Measures to Get Rare Species to Mate
When you're one of the last of your species, scientists go to great lengths.
02/14/2018 05:01 AM
Why This Lake Keeps Catching on Fire
Bangalore, India’s Bellandur Lake keeps erupting into flames. Officials know why, but they are struggling to stem the problem.
02/14/2018 05:01 AM
'Paramedic' Ants Are the First to Rescue and Heal Their Wounded Comrades
Matabele ants nurse each other back to health after battle with a surprisingly high success rate, a new study finds.
02/14/2018 12:01 AM
Why Snow Is Forming Donut-shape Spirals in Canada
The rare phenomenon can only occur under very specific winter weather conditions.
02/13/2018 10:31 PM
Mystery of 8,000-Year-Old Impaled Human Heads Has Researchers Stumped
Archaeologists have never before encountered this grisly phenomenon in Mesolithic Scandinavia, and they're hard-pressed to explain it.
02/13/2018 08:35 PM
A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment
The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.
02/13/2018 08:30 PM
Watch a Bold Little Bird Dive-Bomb the World’s Largest Fish
Scientists are wowed by a video of a cormorant diving underwater to snatch a remora off the side of a whale shark.
02/13/2018 05:45 PM
Parasitic Worms Found in a Woman's Eye—First Case of Its Kind
An Oregon woman’s infection marks the first time on record that an eye worm species normally found in cattle has been seen in humans.
02/12/2018 10:00 PM
How One of the Fastest Spinning Animals Catches Its Prey
A paper detailing the hunting technique of flattie spiders could be used for developing multi-legged robots in the future.
02/12/2018 07:04 PM
Suspected Poacher Mauled by Lions
The man's exact motives for trespassing at the reserve are not yet known, but he was killed in a region known for rhino poaching.
02/12/2018 05:17 PM
How Virtual Reality Affects Actual Reality
The technology helps quarterbacks learn plays, first responders recover from PTSD, and everyone get a grip on climate change.
02/11/2018 05:01 AM
How Your Brain May One Day Control Your Computer
If the founders of CTRL-Labs have their way, you won't type commands to a machine. You'll think them.
02/11/2018 05:00 AM
Exclusive: Watch Elon Musk Freak Out Over the Falcon Heavy Launch
Unique footage shows the SpaceX CEO and his team in mission control in the moments leading up to the historic launch.
02/10/2018 08:18 PM
These Animals Are Winning Valentine’s Day
From gift-giving to sexy moves, some creatures have a leg up in the mating game.
02/10/2018 05:25 AM
National Geographic's New CEO on How He Plans to Lead
Gary Knell comes to National Geographic Partners after leading the organization's nonprofit side—and the group behind Sesame Street.
02/09/2018 11:39 PM
What This Walking Fish Can Teach Us About Evolution
A small, flat fish that looks like a ray has a surprising trait in common with people.
02/09/2018 09:30 PM
Human Eggs Were Grown to Maturity in a Lab for the First Time–Here's Why
Growing eggs from their earliest stage could lead to better infertility treatments.
02/09/2018 07:27 PM
‘Delightful’ Experiments Reveal What Birds See in Their Mind’s Eye
Songbirds known as Japanese tits communicate using human-like rules for language and can mentally picture what they’re talking about, research suggests.
02/09/2018 04:25 PM
Was Volkswagen the First to Test Exhaust Fumes on Monkeys? Your Questions Answered.
The car industry-funded research outraged the public and even has some researchers wondering how it was approved.
02/09/2018 02:54 PM
Why Snakes Have Two Penises and Alligators Are Always Erect
From spiky penises to an extra clitoris, reptile reproductive parts don’t lack for variety.
02/09/2018 12:00 PM
These Praying Mantises Wear Tiny 3-D Glasses—For Science
New developments in a study on praying mantis vision show their 3-D capabilities are more complex than previously thought.
02/09/2018 12:00 PM
Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks? New "Brain Games" May Help Them Stay Young
As people become increasingly attached to their screens, scientists are researching whether dogs could benefit from the technology.
02/08/2018 11:07 PM
The Mind-controlling Molecules of Wasp Venom Could Help Future Parkinson's Research
Down the line, investigations into the components that make up parasitic wasp venom could have implications for future research.
02/08/2018 09:05 PM
Shy Albatross Make Artificial Nests Their Own—Giving Scientists Hope for Their Species
The birds are increasingly facing threats from climate change, but artificial nests may give them time to adapt.
02/08/2018 07:21 PM
Venus Flytraps Have Surprising Pollinators ... and They Don't Eat Them
Researchers have identified which species are responsible for pollinating the carnivorous plants, but it's unclear why the plants don't eat them.
02/08/2018 05:53 PM
This Deep-Sea Creature Lays Its Eggs on Hydrothermal Vents—A First
The Pacific white skate lay its eggs on superheated hydrothermal vents, and then may wait more than four years for the eggs to hatch.
02/08/2018 02:10 PM
The Weirdest Winter Olympic Events We No Longer Play
Horse-drawn skiing and ski "ballet" are among the unusual sports from past Olympic games.
02/08/2018 05:02 AM
Desperate for Food, Polar Bear Tests Walrus
If unable to find food, one expert says the cub likely died soon after the video was taken.
02/07/2018 09:46 PM
First Person to Walk Untethered in Space Gives a Final Interview
Astronaut Bruce McCandless offers his thoughts on an iconic photo in his last-ever interview with National Geographic.
02/07/2018 09:32 PM
What's an 'Earthquake Swarm,' And Is One Hitting Taiwan?
Several people have been killed and dozens remain unaccounted for as a series of quakes rattle the region. But are these earthquakes part of a cycle?
02/07/2018 08:54 PM
Volcanoes, Then an Asteroid, Wiped Out the Dinosaurs
Several species went extinct before the impact 66 million years ago, adding to evidence that volcanoes were a culprit in the mass die-off.
02/07/2018 07:37 PM
These Tiny Scales Make Sharks Incredibly Fast. Can They Help Us Build Better Planes?
The scales of shortfin makos, the fastest species of shark, could guide the design of aerial vehicles in the future.
02/07/2018 07:04 PM
Britain's Dark-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Ancestor Explained
Thanks to technological advances, scientists can see ancient DNA in new detail.
02/07/2018 05:38 PM
Surprise! Scientists Find That Starfish Eyes Actually See, at Least a Little
After decades of wondering what starfish use their eyes for, it turns out they probably use them to stay close to home, according to a new study.
02/07/2018 03:07 PM
Pictures Show a Decade of SpaceX Making Spaceflight History
While chasing CEO Elon Musk’s dream of sending humans to Mars, the private company has set a number of industry records.
02/07/2018 12:45 AM
Neanderthal Teeth Were Eaten–But By What?
The teeth were found at the same dig site that previously showed possible evidence of cannibalism.
02/06/2018 10:37 PM
See the Amazing Way a Beetle Survives Being Eaten
Bombardier beetles launch hot chemicals from their rear ends to force a toad to vomit.
02/06/2018 10:29 PM
Falcon Heavy Rocket Makes History With Successful First Launch
The SpaceX launch vehicle just became the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V, which carried people to the moon.
02/06/2018 09:19 PM
What Is Norovirus, And How Did It Break Out at the Winter Olympics?
Regardless of a highly contagious stomach virus, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are scheduled to start on February 9.
02/06/2018 09:13 PM
Melting Arctic Permafrost Could Release Tons of Toxic Mercury
Scientists have found large natural stores of the toxin in the Arctic. It's not clear how much will get into food webs as the planet warms.
02/06/2018 08:47 PM
Why This Week's Big Rocket Launch May Make History
If all goes to plan, the newest member of SpaceX's fleet could become the most powerful rocket since the one that sent humans to the moon.
02/06/2018 07:09 PM
Growing Population of Crayfish Has One Female Ancestor
The new species reproduces by cloning itself and is entirely female.
02/06/2018 06:55 PM
Why This Ancient Spider Had a Tail
The researchers say the tailed proto-spider could still scuttle across the forest floors in Myanmar today.
02/06/2018 05:39 PM
Queen Elizabeth's Record-Breaking Reign in 15 Pictures
Queen Elizabeth II, who has now sat on the throne for 66 years, has always emphasized that her role is not to rule, but to serve.
02/06/2018 12:00 PM
How Cheetahs Keep Their Heads Still While Sprinting
The big cat's large inner ear helps it keep its eyes locked on prey even when sprinting, a new study finds.
02/05/2018 09:53 PM
More Than a Trillion Planets Could Exist Beyond Our Galaxy
A new study gives the first evidence that exoplanets exist beyond the Milky Way.
02/05/2018 07:56 PM
Leading Wildlife Trade Investigator Violently Killed in Kenya
Esmond Bradley Martin put decades of landmark research into helping to end the slaughter of elephants and rhinos.
02/05/2018 06:04 PM
Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better for Environment
Companies in Europe have developed new kinds of feed for salmon farms that could help the environment—if they can scale up quickly.
02/05/2018 04:57 PM
See Inside the Tomb of a High-Powered Egyptian Woman
A 4,000-year-old tomb with unusual monkey scenes is discovered on the outskirts of Cairo.
02/03/2018 05:48 PM
Father and Son Aim to Connect Farmers Through Phones
By bringing the marketplace to an app, Kisan Network could help Indian growers earn more for their crops.
02/03/2018 11:05 AM
Watch Pigcasso, the Famous Painting Pig, at Work
The South African swine is not the only animal with a flair for the artistic.
02/03/2018 05:00 AM
Who's the Most Superb Owl?
Pick your favorite by taking our poll.
02/02/2018 10:45 PM
10-Year-Old Discovers Rare 'Lizard Fish' Fossil
The rare fish fossil could provide insights into how marine species adapt to changing climates.
02/02/2018 10:27 PM
What Trump’s Shrinking of National Monuments Actually Means
The president announced reductions to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante, but the actual picture on the ground remains highly uncertain.
02/02/2018 08:20 PM
Fatal Battle Between King Cobra and Giant Python Ends in Knots
A viral photo, most likely from Southeast Asia, shows a rarely seen encounter.
02/02/2018 08:01 PM
Why These Bonobos Are 'Playing Airplane'
Studies have shown bonobos are friendlier and less aggressive than their species cousins.
02/02/2018 06:36 PM
Why These Stingless Bees Build Spiral Hives
Colloquially called "sugarbag bees" in Australia, this stingless species forms complex, spiral hives.
02/02/2018 05:53 PM
This Mass Grave May Belong to 'Great Viking Army'
Bones are yielding new clues about the massive, mysterious Viking forces that invaded England.
02/02/2018 05:25 PM
Exclusive: Dinosaur-Era Bird Found Trapped in Amber
The 99-million-year-old animal is the most complete bird fossil yet known to science from the amber deposits of Myanmar.
02/02/2018 05:23 PM
This Vulture Flew 1,000 Miles in Record-Breaking Flight
A white-backed vulture has made possibly the longest land animal dispersal ever recorded.
02/02/2018 05:12 PM
Exclusive Photos: Search Resumes for Hidden Chambers In King Tut's Tomb
Two previous investigations disagreed about what’s behind the tomb walls. Now scientists are launching an all-out effort to solve the mystery.
02/02/2018 06:50 AM
Why Cape Town Is Running Out of Water, and Who’s Next
The South African city plans to shut off the taps to 4 million people. But it's just one of many cities around the world facing a future with too little water.
02/02/2018 05:01 AM
National Geographic Nominated for 6 National Magazine Awards
The magazine was nominated for several awards including best reporting, photography, and website.
02/01/2018 10:08 PM
Escaped Bear Startles Pedestrians on Crowded Street
Syrian brown bears once roamed much of the Middle East—but the subspecies is now almost extinct in the wild.
02/01/2018 09:35 PM
Did Codebreakers Crack This Mysterious Medieval Manuscript?
The 600-year-old Voynich Manuscript is one of the biggest mysteries in cryptology. Scientists are using AI to try to read it.
02/01/2018 08:17 PM
Polar Bears Really Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Study Shows
New science sheds more light on recent controversy over how much the large carnivores are being impacted by melting sea ice.
02/01/2018 07:00 PM
Exclusive: Laser Scans Reveal Maya "Megalopolis" Below Guatemalan Jungle
A vast, interconnected network of ancient cities was home to millions more people than previously thought.
02/01/2018 06:00 PM
Earth's Poles Will Eventually Flip, So What Then?
From animal migrations to human communications, a reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles could seriously mess with life as we know it.
02/01/2018 05:39 PM
In This Town, People Party All Night Long—For Groundhog Day
Here's how to join the fun surrounding Phil's shadow in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
02/01/2018 04:46 PM
Partial Solar Eclipse and 6 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in February
Get ready to see a sprinkling of meteors, a Martian showdown, a "false dawn," and more amazing celestial sights.
02/01/2018 05:01 AM
No, We're Not All Doomed by Earth's Magnetic Field Flip
A geomagnetic apocalypse may not be on the horizon, but there is some fascinating science behind the doomsday hype.
01/31/2018 11:45 PM
Interlocked Skeletons Found at Pre-Aztec Burial Site
Ten were found in total, arranged in a circular shape, and ranging from adults to children.
01/31/2018 11:24 PM
'Talking' Orca Imitates Human Words—See More Animal Mimics
Vocal mimicry is rare in the animal kingdom—but here are a few creatures that have mastered it.
01/31/2018 07:58 PM
These Tools Upend Our View of Stone-Age Humans in Asia
The discovery in India supports the idea that multiple waves of ancient humans left Africa well before 60,000 years ago.
01/31/2018 06:09 PM