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Could we feed methane to cows? Study tackles two climate issues in one
New Zealand's ruminant cows and sheep contribute much of our greenhouse gas emissions by belching methane into the air.But what if we flipped the paradigm and fed them methane instead?We know methane and carbon dioxide are potent...
09/26/2017 04:47 AM
Jim Salinger: Oz sizzles as climate action cools
This year is turning out to be a sizzler for Australia, showing that global warming is alive and well.However, as this country burns, climate action by the Australian and New Zealand governments seems tied up in knots.Let's recap...
09/24/2017 11:51 PM
Tragedy spurs young researcher's air pollution fight
When his parents died, a young Egide Kalisa was told "normal diseases" were to blame.He's since learned the truth: respiratory disease, fuelled by indoor air pollution in his Rwandan home city of Kamembe, had more likely taken his...
09/21/2017 01:28 AM
Q&A: Is our media covering climate change well?
Climate change is the biggest issue facing our planet - something Kiwis are increasingly recognising . But how do they learn about it? Does New Zealand's news media do an adequate job getting the message out? In a new analysis ,...
09/20/2017 09:02 PM