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Rachel Stewart: Climate of change for the Defence Force
What's the New Zealand Defence Force good for? If New Zealand were to be invaded by some foreign power, I think we all know the answer to that. We are small and essentially powerless. Essentially, unless we hold a strategic advantage...
11/14/2017 07:41 PM
Mixed emotions in Kaikoura ahead of massive magnitude-7.8 quake's one-year anniversary
There are mixed emotions in the rebuilding town of Kaikoura ahead of tomorrow's one-year anniversary of the massive earthquake that cut it off from the rest of New Zealand and its tourist lifeblood.It's been a challenging 12 months...
11/13/2017 03:51 AM
Emergency mobile alert system launching
If you hear a shrill ringing coming from your cellphone, it could be time to head for the hills as the Government launches a new mobile emergency system.The channel will send an emergency alert message to cellphones in areas of...
11/11/2017 05:00 PM