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Mugabe Will Continue Living in Zimbabwe, Spokesman Says
The issue of immunity did not come up in talks with the military over the future of the former president and his wife, Grace, the spokesman said.
11/23/2017 09:18 PM
Rwanda Offers to Host African Migrants Stranded in Libya
The gesture could partly reverse the northward odyssey of African migrants seeking new lives in Europe.
11/23/2017 04:55 PM
A Wave of New Fiction From Nigeria, as Young Writers Experiment With New Genres
Nigeria has become a major exporter of literary talent, and now one publisher, Cassava Republic, is expanding to the United States.
11/23/2017 07:10 PM
Why It’s Hard to Get Strongmen to Step Down
What comes next for Robert Mugabe? The experiences of other authoritarian leaders might give him pause.
11/23/2017 06:59 AM
Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mugabe Ex-Deputy, Will Be Sworn In as Zimbabwe’s President
Mr. Mnangagwa’s ascension to the post long held by Robert Mugabe will cap a military-led campaign that his allies have tried to coat with a veneer of legality.
11/23/2017 02:46 AM
A Dictator’s Playbook: How Mugabe Clung to Power
After nearly four decades in power, Zimbabwe's ruler, Robert Mugabe, resigned in the wake of a military takeover. How did the notorious strongman manage to keep his opponents at bay for so long?
11/22/2017 01:32 AM
10 of Our Best Reads on Zimbabwe
The southern African nation is at a pivotal moment after the reported resignation of Robert Mugabe as president.
11/21/2017 07:08 PM
Nigeria Mosque Targeted in Deadly Suicide Bombing
The authorities blamed Boko Haram for the attack, which targeted worshipers at morning prayers. One official said at least 50 people had been killed.
11/21/2017 08:30 PM
Robert Mugabe Resigns as Zimbabwe’s President, Ending 37-Year Rule
It seemed to be an abrupt capitulation by Mr. Mugabe, who had refused only two days earlier to step down.
11/21/2017 11:40 PM
Trump Halted These Hunt Trophies. Elephant Lovers Will Never Forget It.
Just why the president shelved his own administration’s rule on bringing hunt trophies into the country — a weighty query — is the elephant in the room.
11/21/2017 04:09 AM
After Mugabe, What’s Next for Zimbabweans?
Zimbabwe may have a new leader for the first time in 37 years. Now, those who grew up under Robert Mugabe share a mix of hope and skepticism about the country’s future.
11/21/2017 12:43 AM
Just as in 1980, Zimbabwe’s Celebration May Be Short-Lived
A veteran reporter who was in the country when Robert Mugabe first took power sees disturbing parallels with the current moment of hope and joy.
11/20/2017 09:47 PM
Mugabe Ignores Resignation Deadline, Putting Pressure on Parliament
Zimbabwe’s president was said to be in talks with his estranged deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is favored by the military.
11/21/2017 12:53 AM
Kenya Court Upholds President’s Election Win
Justices dismissed two petitions to overturn the victory last month by Uhuru Kenyatta, a decision that came after a weekend of unrest.
11/20/2017 07:22 PM
Behind Mugabe’s Rapid Fall: A Firing, a Feud and a First Lady
Robert Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe went unchallenged for 37 years, but in just a few days, he was largely stripped of power. The chain of events leading to his fall started with firing a vice president.
11/20/2017 12:42 PM
Sale of Migrants as Slaves in Libya Causes Outrage in Africa and Paris
CNN footage of migrants being auctioned off in the Libyan capital prompted a protest in Paris, condemnation by the African Union and an official inquiry.
11/20/2017 12:20 AM
Morocco Food Stampede Leaves 15 Dead and a Country Shaken
Morocco has generally fared better than other countries in the region, but poverty is high in rural areas like the town where the stampede took place.
11/19/2017 10:55 PM
Mugabe Addresses Zimbabwe
In a 20-minute speech to the African nation on Sunday night, President Robert Mugabe, flanked by members of the military, refused to say whether he would resign after nearly 40 years in power.
11/19/2017 09:00 PM
‘The Zimbabwe of My Youth Is No More’
A young woman who grew up in Zimbabwe now sits thousands of miles away, glued to Twitter. “We have yet to see what this new day brings, but we are ready for change,” she says.
11/19/2017 01:54 PM
Robert Mugabe, in Speech to Zimbabwe, Refuses to Say if He Will Resign
Party leaders had given the president until noon Monday to resign or face impeachment, but he said he would preside over a party congress in a few weeks.
11/20/2017 05:43 AM
‘Mugabe Must Go’: Thousands in Zimbabwe Rally Against Leader
Tens of thousands of people marched alongside soldiers on tanks and called for President Robert Mugabe to step down after a military takeover.
11/19/2017 01:01 AM
The Look: What War Can’t Destroy
Years of conflict have torn at the seams of Juba, South Sudan. But the city’s people hold their heads high.
11/19/2017 10:05 PM
Coups: What Goes Into Toppling a Government?
The military takeover in Zimbabwe is just the latest in a long history of government overthrows. Here are several types of coups perpetrated by rogue operators.
11/18/2017 02:20 AM
Political Clashes in Kenya Leave Several Dead
The opposition politician Raila Odinga returned from abroad, and his supporters fought with the police.
11/17/2017 11:15 PM
After Coup, Even Mugabe’s Own Party Is Dumping Him
The military allowed him to address a university graduation, while negotiations aimed at a peaceful and face-saving exit continued.
11/18/2017 02:40 AM