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Nafta Talks Have High Stakes for Two Texas Bridge Owners
Private crossings to Mexico are a rich franchise under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but discussions on reopening the accord have put that bonanza at risk.
11/23/2017 11:56 PM
Hopes Dashed, Relatives of Argentine Submarine Crew Turn to Grief and Anger
Disclosure of an explosion near the San Juan raised fears that its 44-member crew had been lost, though the search continued.
11/24/2017 01:32 AM
Review: ‘Cuba and the Cameraman’ Lavishes Love on a Country … and Castro
The filmmaker Jon Alpert has been visiting and documenting Cuba for 45 years. His new movie looks back fondly at its people and its leader.
11/23/2017 12:00 PM
Politics Shadow Arrests of Citgo Executives in Venezuela Graft Inquiry
Critics of Venezuela’s government say the arrests of the six executives are a reflection of the country’s increasingly ruthless politics.
11/23/2017 12:42 AM
Trilobites: Even Whales Have to Exfoliate
In summer, when they move into warmer waters, bowhead whales in the Canadian Arctic rub against underwater rocks to shed skin.
11/22/2017 07:00 PM
Victims of Canada’s ‘Gay Purge’ to Get Apology from Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will apologize next week for a program that removed perhaps thousands of gays and lesbians from the public service, the military and the Mounties.
11/21/2017 08:37 PM
Silent Sub: Time Is the Enemy as Argentina Hunts a Lost Vessel
Six days after the ARA San Juan lost contact, with hopes raised and dashed, families of its 44 crew members are growing increasingly anxious.
11/21/2017 03:04 AM
Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America?
How a 21st century Detroit navigates the dangers of regeneration is a particularly poignant question on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit race riots.
11/21/2017 05:02 PM
In Mexico, Not Dead. Not Alive. Just Gone.
With the drug war’s “disappeared” numbering in the tens of thousands, some families take up the search for loved ones on their own.
11/20/2017 08:00 AM
Ex-Leader Wins First Round of Chile’s Presidential Vote
Former President Sebastián Piñera will now face Alejandro Guillier, a former news anchor, to succeed President Michelle Bachelet.
11/20/2017 05:04 AM
Search for Missing Argentine Submarine Raises Grim Scenarios
Officials said earlier hopeful reports that the crew might have tried to make satellite calls in recent days appeared to be wrong.
11/20/2017 01:29 AM
Pancho Segura, Tennis Great of the ’40s and ’50s, Dies at 96
A crowd-pleaser on the court, Segura flourished as a player for two decades and then coached Jimmy Connors in Grand Slam events in the 1970s.
11/19/2017 07:19 PM
Preparing for Doomsday in a $1.5 Million Bunker Condo
Take a step into an old missile silo that has been converted into expensive bunkers for wealthy survivalists.
11/19/2017 10:00 AM
As Mexico Builds Green Airport of the Future, Age-Old Mistakes Loom
An enormous new airport outside Mexico’s capital will be a “global reference” for sustainability, the government vows. Others worry environmental errors of the past are being repeated.
11/18/2017 08:47 PM
Signals Detected From Missing Argentine Submarine as Foreign Navies Join Search
Argentina’s Defense Ministry said Saturday night it had detected seven communication attempts from an Argentine Navy submarine with 44 crew members aboard, raising hopes of a rescue.
11/19/2017 04:34 AM
Escaped Venezuela Opposition Leader Reaches Spain and Vows Fight
A day after slipping from house arrest, Antonio Ledezma met with Spain’s prime minister and voiced defiance to President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.
11/19/2017 01:17 AM
In Rio de Janeiro, ‘Complete Vulnerability’ as Violence Surges
After a respite that began before the Olympics, Brazil’s showcase city is reeling as ever more neighborhoods fall under the control of drug gangs.
11/19/2017 04:56 AM
Treaty to Phase Out ‘Greenhouse Gases on Steroids’ to Enter Force
A global treaty to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons, a category of extremely potent planet-warming gases, has cleared a key threshold and will enter into force.
11/18/2017 02:53 PM
Public Health Care and Defining Canada: Readers Speak Out in the Canada Letter
In this week’s newsletter for about Canadians, our readers offer their thoughts on how the public health care system has come to define the country.
11/17/2017 11:03 PM
Antonio Ledezma, Venezuelan Opposition Leader, Flees to Colombia
His trip was a major embarrassment for President Nicolás Maduro, who has sought to silence opponents.
11/18/2017 03:37 AM
Trilobites: Same Oceans, Similar Prey, Two Very Different Necks
Biologists studied cormorants and penguins that hunt fish in frigid seas and found that cormorants save energy by only moving their necks when seizing prey.
11/17/2017 07:22 PM
Search Underway for Argentine Navy Submarine With 44 Aboard
The ARA San Juan, which was on a routine patrol off the cost of Patagonia, has been missing since Wednesday.
11/18/2017 04:57 AM
The N.H.L. Needed 100 Portraits. So Tony Harris Got to Work.
For its 100th anniversary, the N.H.L. commissioned an Ottawa artist to paint all of the players voted as the top 100 in the league’s history.
11/18/2017 12:07 AM