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Oxfam Says Workers in Haiti Threatened Witness to Misconduct
After revelations about prostitution, the charity released its 2011 investigative report containing more accusations against staff members.
02/19/2018 03:03 PM
Brazil Looks to Crack Down on Fake News Ahead of Bitter Election
Officials from the judiciary and law enforcement are teaming up to try to prevent voters from being misled, arguing that freedom of speech cannot come at the cost of a tainted election.
02/18/2018 12:01 AM
Pope Revives Sexual Abuse Commission Amid Criticism of Vatican
An American cardinal will head the commission, the Vatican said, and it will include survivors of clergy abuse.
02/17/2018 05:25 PM
In Colombia Border Town, Desperate Venezuelans Sell Hair to Survive
Fleeing crime and economic crisis, more than half a million Venezuelans have entered Colombia, with many homeless, begging for food and suffering abuse.
02/18/2018 09:44 AM
Earthquake Strikes in Oaxaca State, Mexico, Stirring Fear
No deaths were immediately reported from the 7.2-magnitude quake, but 13 people were killed when a helicopter bringing officials to a town near the epicenter crashed.
02/18/2018 02:23 AM
Citing Hostility, Leader of Anti-Corruption Panel in Honduras Resigns
The head of the panel, appointed by the Organization of American States, said his group of prosecutors lacked support from the regional body and the Honduran government.
02/17/2018 05:15 AM
Canadian Olympic Success, a #MeToo Event and Saskatoon: The Canada Letter
In this week’s Canada Letter a reporter at the Olympics takes questions about the country’s performance so far and we highlight a new landmark on the prairies.
02/16/2018 11:25 PM
Brazil’s Military Is Put in Charge of Security in Rio de Janeiro
President Michel Temer’s security order for Rio is the first such military intervention in a Brazilian state since democracy returned in the 1980s.
02/17/2018 12:21 AM
El Salvador Frees Woman Imprisoned for Decade Under Abortion Ban
The woman, Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, was convicted of aggravated homicide after she had a stillbirth. She had been sentenced to 30 years in prison.
02/16/2018 06:06 AM
Diplomats in Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries. Experts Still Don’t Know Why.
After examining 21 American diplomats said to have been victims of a mysterious “attack” in Havana, medical experts found concussion-like damage but no obvious causes.
02/15/2018 11:32 PM
Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation
A journal says it’s the first documented case of successful inducement of breast-milk production in a transgender woman.
02/16/2018 12:50 AM
In ‘Paradigm Shift,’ Trudeau Announces Talks on Indigenous People’s Rights
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced talks on changing Canada’s legal system to guarantee Indigenous rights.
02/15/2018 01:17 AM
Rio Carnival Is Marred by Violence as City’s Security Troubles Worsen
The governor of the state of Rio acknowledged that there were not enough police officers patrolling the streets of Rio de Janeiro for the celebrations.
02/15/2018 12:11 AM
Peru Moves to Protect ‘One of the Last Great Intact Forests’
While the United States may be weakening protections for wilderness, the creation of Yaguas National Park protects millions of acres from development and deforestation.
02/14/2018 08:00 PM
Peru Withdraws Venezuela’s Invitation to Regional Meeting
Peru says Venezuela cannot attend the meeting because President Nicolás Maduro plans to hold an election without the opposition’s cooperation.
02/14/2018 01:59 AM
Guatemala Arrests Ex-President and His Finance Minister in Corruption Case
Former President Álvaro Colom and his former finance minister, Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, who is now chairman of the charity Oxfam International, face fraud charges related to a bus system.
02/13/2018 11:03 PM
Canada Finds Itself in an Unusual Role: A Hockey Underdog
Canada has won the past two Olympic men’s hockey tournaments, but with no N.H.L. stars available, the country’s depth of talent will be tested.
02/13/2018 10:00 PM
Trudeau to Meet With Family of Fatally Shot Cree Man
Indigenous leaders and supporters across Canada have expressed anger and disbelief over the acquittal of the man who killed Colten Boushie.
02/12/2018 11:58 PM