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Seismic Surveys Planned Off U.S. Coast Pose Risk To Marine Life
The Trump administration could give companies permission to set off sonic explosions to explore for oil and gas deposits. Scientists say this could seriously harm marine life.
02/19/2018 03:00 PM
Scientists Develop A Way To Use A Smartphone To Prevent Food Poisoning
A microscope that clips on to your phone's camera can detect bacteria, such as salmonella or E. coli, even in tiny amounts. But the technology can't yet distinguish between good and bad bacteria.
02/19/2018 12:00 PM
Pa. Supreme Court Expected To Act Soon On Redistricting Order
Monday is the deadline the state's highest court gave itself to either pick new maps from a number of submissions, or draw its own. State GOP leaders think the court's actions are unconstitutional.
02/19/2018 10:04 AM
ISIS' Parting Gift To Its Former Capital: Thousands Of Explosive Booby Traps
Raqqa may be cleared of ISIS fighters, but hidden throughout the city are thousands of hidden bombs. U.S. special forces and Syrians are training young men to disarm them.
02/19/2018 10:02 AM
Trump Supports Improving Background Checks, But Will That Mean Action?
The president is meeting with students and teachers about school safety this week. The White House says he supports improving background checks, but the issue has languished after past shootings.
02/19/2018 10:00 AM
She Survived Breast Cancer, But Says A Treatment Side Effect 'Almost Killed' Her
When many lymph nodes are removed along with a tumor, some patients develop painful and debilitating swelling — lymphedema. More doctors should recognize and help prevent the problem, surgeons say.
02/19/2018 09:50 AM
This Vaccine Can Prevent Cancer, But Many Teenagers Still Don't Get It
The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer in women and some cancers in men. It's most effective when given early in adolescence. But a new analysis finds only 29 percent of teens get it by age 13.
02/19/2018 09:49 AM
U.S. Women's Hockey Team Reaches Gold Medal Game At Winter Olympics
Gigi Marvin set the tone just minutes into the game, scoring on assists from Meghan Duggan and Amanda Pelkey. Final score; 5-0. The gold-medal game is Thursday.
02/19/2018 06:46 AM
Adam Rippon Declines NBC's Job Offer — So He Can Stick With U.S. Olympic Team
"I love being on Team USA and representing our country. My teammates were there for me during my events, and now I NEED to be there for them," said Adam Rippon, further endearing himself to a nation.
02/19/2018 05:45 AM
'Tell Them We Are Rising' Tackles Impact Of Historically Black Colleges
NPR's Michel Martin talks with Stanley Nelson, who showcases the history of black colleges and universities in a new documentary Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities.
02/18/2018 11:00 PM
Black Women Gather In Atlanta To Harness Economic And Political Power
Michel Martin talks about the conference with Karen Finney, a former spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton, Nakisha Lewis, an organizer for Black Lives Matter, and New Jersey Congresswoman Bonnie Coleman.
02/18/2018 11:00 PM
Trump Tweet Ties 'Missed Signals' In Florida Shooting To FBI Russia Probe
President Trump's suggestion that the FBI failed to stop the Florida shooting because it spent too much time on the Russia investigation has outraged his critics.
02/18/2018 11:00 PM
Gun Safety Advocates Look To Kansas Lawmakers
Kansas is being held up as an example of how states can pass meaningful gun laws. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Republican state Sen. Barbara Bollier about what's being done there.
02/18/2018 11:00 PM
Students Who Lived Through Florida Shooting Turn Rage Into Activism
After the latest mass shooting, teenagers in Florida are mobilizing with plans for rallies against school and gun violence in Washington, D.C., and around the country.
02/18/2018 11:00 PM
'Black Panther' Breaks Records And Barriers In Debut Weekend
Steeped in cultural significance, the film opened to $192 domestically, the biggest February debut ever, said Disney. It's also already the highest-grossing film by a black director.
02/18/2018 10:24 PM