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Is It a Migraine? Many Patients Don’t Realize What Causes Their Suffering
Here’s a guide to help you recognize the symptoms of migraines, understand why the signs are so often missed, and think about treatment options.
05/24/2018 04:30 PM
New Cancer Treatments Lie Hidden Under Mountains of Paperwork
Guideposts to powerful treatments may be buried in the nation’s medical records. But there is no easy way to gather those records or to get them into a usable format.
05/22/2018 08:43 AM
Phys Ed: Are You a ‘Type D’ Athlete? Relax and Ask for Help
If you’re more Eeyore than Tigger when it comes to sports, reach out and elicit suggestions.
05/23/2018 09:00 AM
Personal Health: How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home
Don’t wait for a crisis like a broken hip to modify your home.
05/21/2018 09:00 AM
Is Fish the Food of Love, and Babies?
Eating more fish was tied to more lovemaking, and more babies.
05/23/2018 06:00 PM
How Nighttime Tablet and Phone Use Disturbs Sleep
When a person used an iPad instead of reading print before bedtime, he or she had a later sleep onset and suppressed levels of melatonin.
05/23/2018 05:43 PM
Doctors: The Doctor Is Cooking
Here we were, 80 eager physicians from across North America in a large teaching kitchen in northern California.
05/23/2018 04:18 AM
Matter: Every Cell in Your Body Has the Same DNA. Except It Doesn’t.
The genome obviously varies from person to person. But it can also vary from cell to cell, even within the same individual. The implications of “mosaicism” are enormous.
05/22/2018 07:18 PM
Global Health: For First Time, W.H.O. Names Some Lab Tests ‘Essential’
Forty years after creating its “essential medicines” list, which revolutionized the struggle to get drugs to the poor, the agency tackles diagnostics.
05/21/2018 05:50 PM
The Boundary Between Abuse and B.D.S.M.
Politicians accused of abusing their sexual partners have put the community’s practices in the news.
05/23/2018 04:54 PM
First Cuba, Now China? An American Falls Ill After ‘Abnormal’ Sounds
The State Department said a U.S. government employee posted in Guangzhou had signs of possible brain injury. But it has not identified a cause.
05/23/2018 10:57 PM
Air Pollution Near Power Plants Tied to Premature Births
Closing coal- and oil-fired power plants is associated with a reduction in preterm births in the surrounding region, researchers report.
05/23/2018 06:10 PM
His Wife Died in the Santa Fe School Shooting. The World’s Sympathy May Keep Him Alive.
William Tisdale’s GoFundMe campaign to pay for medical treatment for a fatal lung disease took off after his wife was killed in the Texas shooting.
05/22/2018 08:54 PM
Want to See Your Baby? In China, It Can Cost You
A hospital demanded that a woman pay her bills before she could see her newborn twins, illustrating a plight that many face in the Chinese medical system.
05/23/2018 09:55 AM
Olympian Ariana Kukors Smith Sues U.S.A. Swimming, Claiming It Ignored Sex Abuse
The swimmer said in February that her former coach, Sean Hutchison, began grooming her at age 13 and abusing her at 16. He has denied the allegations.
05/22/2018 12:54 AM
The New Health Care: What Barbershops Can Teach About Delivering Health Care
One reason that an experiment to reduce high blood pressure in a high-risk population succeeded is that it adapted its approach to encourage trust.
05/21/2018 09:00 AM
Pakistan Has Just One New Polio Case, but Isn’t Declaring Victory Yet
The country has come tantalizingly close to eradicating the virus in recent years, only to be foiled by instability, mistrust and attacks on vaccinators.
05/21/2018 09:47 AM
REgional Australia, PArt 1 of 2: A Booming Economy With a Tragic Price
Australia is a breadbasket to the world and a globalization success story. So why are its farmers killing themselves?
05/21/2018 10:55 PM
Trilobites: The Thing Inside Your Cells That Might Determine How Long You Live
You may have forgotten about the nucleolus since you took biology class, but scientists think this structure inside every cell in your body may play an important role in aging.
05/20/2018 04:52 PM
Disruptions: Me and My Numb Thumb: A Tale of Tech, Texts and Tendons
Continually texting and emailing from her smartphone strained the tendons in this tech reporter’s phone thumb, which turns out to be an increasingly common condition.
05/21/2018 04:42 PM
As an Insurer Resists Paying for ‘Avoidable’ E.R. Visits, Patients and Doctors Push Back
Guessing wrong on when a condition is a life-threatening medical emergency could mean a large bill. Or worse.
05/19/2018 03:12 PM
Surfacing: What This 76-Year-Old Man Can Teach About Healing
“I never lock my door; if people show up at night, I will wake up,” said I Gusti Mangku Sasak, a holistic Usada Bali healer.
05/22/2018 03:11 PM
How New Abortion Restrictions Would Affect Women’s Health Care
The Trump administration’s proposal to bar certain federal funds from abortion providers has raised complicated questions about reproductive health care.
05/21/2018 06:42 PM
Trump’s New Health and Human Services Secretary Is a Joyful Regulator
In an administration with a deregulatory bent, Alex Azar relishes his policymaking powers.
05/22/2018 02:09 AM
Technique Used to Find Golden State Killer Leads to a Suspect in 1987 Murders
A break in the 31-year-long investigation of the killings in Washington State of a young Canadian couple came after DNA was uploaded to an ancestry website.
05/19/2018 12:08 AM
W.H.O. Says New Ebola Outbreak Is Not Yet a Top Health Emergency
The organization said the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is worrisome but there is “a strong reason to believe” it can be controlled.
05/18/2018 05:17 PM
A Guide to Gynecological Exams: What Should — and Shouldn’t — Happen
The cases of Dr. Larry Nassar and Dr. George Tyndall involve touching and comments that gynecologists say are highly inappropriate.
05/18/2018 11:34 PM
Sparkling Pool Water May Hold Disease-Causing Parasites
How soon would you swim after having diarrhea? 17 percent said one hour, but you’re supposed to wait two weeks.
05/18/2018 05:55 PM
Ask Well: Can Lifestyle Changes Remove Plaques in Your Arteries?
Diet, smoking cessation, stress management and exercise can decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaques and help to stabilize them so that you are less likely to have a heart attack.
05/18/2018 08:57 AM
F.D.A. Approves First Drug Designed to Prevent Migraines
The decision ushers in what many experts believe will be a new era in treatment for people who suffer the most severe form of the headaches.
05/17/2018 11:32 PM
Hail Caesar Salad! Romaine Is Safe to Eat Again
Federal health officials say the tainted lettuce is no longer on the shelves or on restaurant menus, because the harvesting season in the Yuma, Ariz., region ended more than a month ago.
05/17/2018 08:49 PM
N.I.H. Halts Enrollment in a Study of Drinking Now Under Scrutiny
Following reports in The Times that investigators and officials had solicited funding for the trial from the alcohol industry, the N.I.H. has launched two internal investigations.
05/24/2018 05:42 PM
Exposure to Air Pollution in Womb Tied to Hypertension in Children
Children whose mothers lived in the most polluted areas were more likely to have high blood pressure between ages 3 and 9.
05/17/2018 06:40 PM