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Spanish government accused of interfering in judicial proceedings to discredit Catalonian politicians
09/24/2017 06:39 PM
The 8 things you might have missed this weekend
09/25/2017 03:50 AM
Donald Trump says NFL anthem protests have 'nothing to do with race' as fresh demonstrations follow Wembley stunt
09/25/2017 02:57 AM
UK weather forecast: What will it be like today in your area?
09/25/2017 01:50 AM
Donald Trump unveils expanded travel ban involving seven countries
09/25/2017 01:06 AM
Seven terror plots foiled in six months, Sadiq Khan reveals 
09/25/2017 12:25 AM
Muslim surgeon stabbed outside mosque in 'hate crime'
09/25/2017 12:21 AM
Labour proposes debt cap that would see credit card companies forced to write off billions of pounds owed by customers 
09/24/2017 11:36 PM
Labour ‘stitch-up’ wipes Brexit off the agenda as the party is described as a 'laughing stock' by its own MPs
09/24/2017 11:30 PM
British woman dies after being attacked by stray dogs in Greece
09/24/2017 11:08 PM
Eight out ten people believe recycling 'makes a difference', but have no idea how
09/24/2017 11:01 PM
Gary Numan: I live a normal life...'but in a castle with a swinmming pool and a 20ft bronze dragon in the garden'
09/24/2017 11:01 PM
Children as young as 13 being sold knives by shopkeepers, Met and Trading Standards find
09/24/2017 11:01 PM
Prince Harry's secret visit to the set of Suits revealed as Meghan Markle attends Invictus Games opening
09/24/2017 10:50 PM
Parishioner shot dead and six others injured after masked gunman opens fire at Nashville church
09/24/2017 08:59 PM
People spend more time sitting on the toilet each week than exercising, study finds 
09/24/2017 09:00 PM
'Fantasist facing charges' over false Ted Heath paedophile claims
09/24/2017 09:00 PM
Second Brexit referendum needed because Leave voters are dying off, Nick Clegg suggests
09/24/2017 12:50 PM
Police chief admits: 'We don't have enough officers to keep the public safe'
09/24/2017 08:00 PM
Far-right returns to German parliament for first time in 60 years as Angela Merkel wins 4th term
09/24/2017 07:03 PM
Most expensive Antiques Roadshow find is Faberge flower owned by army regiment valued at £1m
09/24/2017 07:00 PM
Kurdish president defiant over referendum in face of war games and flight suspensions
09/24/2017 06:53 PM
Ukraine will break up unless government fights corruption, Saakashvili warns
09/24/2017 06:29 PM
New Spanish migrant route sees three times as many migrants caught at British port
09/24/2017 05:18 PM
Epilepsy drug raises risk of birth defects, but women were not told, survey finds
09/24/2017 04:50 PM
End of the postcard as country's oldest publisher closes due to rise of selfies 
09/24/2017 04:36 PM
New mother in critical condition after being hit by a car as she pushed four-day-old baby in pram
09/24/2017 04:26 PM
Opposition to freedom of movement is driven by racism, senior Labour MP claims
09/24/2017 03:53 PM
German election 2017 polls and odds tracker: Will Angela Merkel remain as Chancellor?
09/24/2017 03:38 PM
When is the German election 2017 and what time will we know the result?
09/24/2017 03:38 PM
Vatican official sacked for 'spying' claims he was forced out by shadowy vested interests
09/24/2017 03:04 PM
Dame Kelly Holmes opens up over 'anguish' that drove her to 'cut herself every day'
09/24/2017 02:38 PM
Donald Trump warns Kim Jong-un 'won't be around much longer'
09/24/2017 02:26 PM
EDL march cancelled after just six people turn up  
09/24/2017 01:57 PM
Skulduggery at the Vatican as former auditor-general, accused of spying, says he was victim of a 'set-up'
09/24/2017 01:33 PM
Cannabis smokers 'incapable of walking' rescued from England's highest mountain  
09/24/2017 11:14 AM
Tens of thousands flee rumbling Bali volcano
09/24/2017 12:01 PM
German elections 2017 live: Polls open as Angela Merkel seeks fourth term - latest news
09/24/2017 11:53 AM
Chinese vase sells for 10,000 times estimated price as auction involving amateur buyer gets way out of hand
09/24/2017 11:44 AM
Missing Rubens masterpiece found hanging in a historic house in Glasgow 
09/24/2017 10:31 AM
Nibiru: How the nonsense Planet X Armageddon and Nasa fake news theories spread globally  
09/24/2017 10:00 AM
Student wins praise for outsmarting teacher with audacious exam hack  
09/24/2017 09:41 AM
'Dearest Teddy': Sylvia Plath's love letters to Ted Hughes published for the first time
09/22/2017 09:00 PM
Ted Hughes, the 'brilliant, rugged Yorkshire poet' - new Sylvia Plath letter revealed
09/23/2017 09:00 PM
15-year-old arrested after Stratford 'acid attack' 
09/24/2017 08:58 AM
Stratford acid attack: six people injured at London shopping centre
09/23/2017 09:42 PM
Thrilled Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry in first public appearance at Invictus Games opening ceremony
09/24/2017 03:15 AM
London Mayor Sadiq Khan could be in breach of equality rules as Uber vows to take court action over ban
09/23/2017 08:24 PM
Prince Harry lets five-year-old fan take him for a spin in her car at opening of Invictus Games
09/23/2017 08:13 PM
Police chief privately admitted launching Sir Edward Heath investigation outside dead prime minister’s home was mistake
09/24/2017 07:19 AM
Record-breaking Uber petition to reverse ban in London hits 600,000 signatures as backlash grows
09/24/2017 07:11 AM
Meet Christopher Robin star Will Tilston who landed role in first ever audition
09/24/2017 06:00 AM
Pictures of the Day: 24 September 2017
09/24/2017 06:03 AM
Archbishop of Canterbury caused moment of panic at wedding when he dropped the bride's ring
09/24/2017 06:00 AM
Donald Trump escalates war of words with North Korea with fresh Twitter onslaught on Pyongyang leaders
09/24/2017 04:16 AM
US health secretary suspends use of chartered jets following spending row
09/23/2017 11:19 PM
A&E trolley waits soar in five years
09/23/2017 11:01 PM
Paralympic champion's hopes for Strictly success
09/23/2017 11:01 PM
Two people rescued from rumble after 'suspected gas explosion' at Blackpool guest house
09/23/2017 10:33 PM
LeBron James calls Donald Trump a 'bum' in escalating row between White House and sports stars
09/23/2017 05:19 PM
Former waiter picked to lead populist 5-Star Movement into Italian election
09/23/2017 10:26 PM
Milo Yiannopoulos to hold rally in California despite 'Free Speech Week' event being scrapped 
09/23/2017 09:25 PM
Government urged to do more to help foster carers spot potential terrorists
09/23/2017 09:00 PM
‘When will this nightmare end?’ War vet tells of shock at fourth inquiry into suspicious death of Iraqi civilian
09/23/2017 09:00 PM
Motorway mayhem after bomb scare closes the M3
09/23/2017 04:36 PM
US bombers fly close to North Korean shores in show of force
09/23/2017 06:22 PM
Ex-waiter tipped to lead Italy's Five Star Movement as general election looms
09/22/2017 03:23 PM
Ede & Ravenscroft accused of driving up graduation gown costs due to "anti-competitive" business practices
09/23/2017 08:00 PM
Agony goes on for family of missing RAF Gunner Corrie McKeague, a year after he vanished
09/23/2017 07:00 PM
Score of Dmitri Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk on public display for first time
09/23/2017 06:51 PM
Fizzy milk could be about to hit supermarket shelves to boost milk sales
09/23/2017 06:14 PM